Sunday, April 29, 2012

Speech To Entertain Outline

Intro:            Disneyland (happiest place on earth)
             Hollywood (celebrities)
Beach (surfing, men/women)
How to Vacation when in Los Angeles:

Lets go to Disneyland!

A couple things to know!

Do you know why Cinderella got kicked off t he soccer team? ...............Because apparently she kept running from the ball! No real surprise though, that’s what happens when you have a pumpkin for a coach.

Bring money!
If you want to go to Disneyland, definitely get the Clam Chowder at the little shop right outside of Pirates and Caribbean ride….its the only place you wont have to pay the price of a small child for bread bowl of soup.

DL+money= not happiest place on earth, especially while on a date.
Disneyland can turn the manliest of men into a boy again.
It also makes a great photo for a “Roadtrip to LA” photo album on FB
(Trevor Photo)

Welcome To Hollywood

Hollywood Blvd.- Stars Sidewalk
            Beautiful until you look around you. And BAM
            (Picture of bum)
            It’s a common site around those parts.
Star Maps
What people don’t know is that the stars live on acres. So you get a map to their house, and the only thing you can see is grass.

Real Place to see Celebrities: Farmers Market-
You can see everyone from Bruno Mars, to Jennifer Aniston, to Taylor Swift there.
            It’s the hip place to be and hang out, plus the food is amazing.

Welcome To The Beaches

3 Beaches- Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu

            Ghetto by the Sea
            My personal favorite, because anything can go. Little rules. Very bizarre
                        You can find countless ways to get marijuana legally
                        Its almost ok for a bum to be peeing in the street
                        Paddle Tennis- Entertainment- Anyone can play

Santa Monica
            Beach staple of Los Angeles
            If you want to see young good looking people- place to go
            Food is always the best in Santa Monica
                        Bay City Sandwiches
            The ultimate range of ghetto, and success


            The ultimate place to see Dennis Quade and his wife….

The Gem of it all. The most beautiful, the cleanest people, at some beaches in Malibu, they actually require a key to gate, which you have to pass to get down to the water.

            There is nothing close to you. If you want a sandwhich, you have a 25 minutes drive ahead of you to the nearest food source.

Unless your Barbra Streisand, who owns a whole peninsula.

If you could make the drive to get food, I would stop at Googies>
            A Fantastic American bistro located right in the heart of downtown Malibu

You can often see A List Actors/Actresses in there.

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